Blade Communications / our mobile contents

Blade Communications, Inc. provide various paid contents (web sites) for mobile phone in Japan.

You can see our company profile of Blade-com here(PDF file).

Our contents include

  • Entertainment contents
  • Healthcare / Lifestyle information contents

It is possible to browse all of our contents only by mobile phone of Japanese carrier.
You cannot browse by PC / mobile phone of other than Japanese carrier.
We plan to spread our mobile contents to all over the world.

our services

I explain some of our mobile contents.

  • 取り放題★アニうた
ringtone of animation theme song
315 yen / month
Feb. 2005 –

  • 取り放題★超デコ
downloading files of  “decoration-mail”
* “decoration-mail” means html mobile e-mail format.
315 yen / month
Oct. 2006 –

  • 取り放題★モバアレ
downloading files of “dress-up arrangement”
* “dress-up arrangement” means package format of ringtone and standby display images.
525 yen / month
Apr. 2008 –

  • 恋に即効★占いサプリ
love fortune-telling for women
315 yen / month
Sep. 2005 –

  • 超★ダイエット★ラボ
support tool for diet and healthcare
315 yen / month
Dec. 2008 –

  • 聞きたい★産婦人科
obstetrics and gynecology information for women
315 yen / month
Feb. 2005 –

  • お金は大事だ★こづかい帳
housekeeping book
315 yen / month
Apr. 2006 –


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